Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What can we learn about time?

We think these are the things to learn about time. We've rated them like this:

B How to draw the time. What is the different between analog and digital. Kale, Mike, Corbin
B How to tell 24 hour time. Haddels
M Different time periods - seconds, minutes.... decades, centuries, millennium Caleb and ken
M How to tell when the day is going to start and end. Oliver
B how to read a digital watch Emma and Linda.
B How to tell half past and quarter past and quarter to Alana and Natalya
M what is a light year harry aidan
A How to tell the time without a watch Oliver
A The speed of light harry aidan
how long people can run until they get tired and how long it takes people to run a certain distance! (needs clarification) Soph,Sara
M Why are there different times in different countries? nat and kelly
A How does time work. Oliver
B to know which hand on a clock is for hours, minutes and seconds Haddels
A why are the times different in lots of places. Emma , Linda
A What sort of time did ancient civilisations use. THOMAS & ALAN
A Why was time invented? Oliver
M How many weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds have you been alive? TC
B How to read and analog clock quickly and well Thomas and Alan
B how to read analog Kat
M how to read a sun dial Kat
M how to tell the time by using the sun Kat and Lib
A what causes time zones to be different. Zia
B 24 hour time Grace
A How to tell the time in other countries - want to do all by her self Madsta

B = Beginning to measure time
M= Medium difficulty
A= Advanced measuring time

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